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🍃Save your time and money in ethical sourcing and low MOQ orders or production with data transparency

🍃Customize your responsible sourcing

✅ 1000 verified and ethical suppliers from 10 + countries
✅ Access manufacturers or wholesalers in fashion or fabric for your choice of location, certification and other important factors; starting at £25 for 5 suppliers​
✅Please note the list shall include

  • Name of manufacturers or wholesalers or traders

  • Their location or country

  • Either email/phone number

  • Categories- Clothing, fabric, tea and coffee

  • Types

  • Certifications

  • Websites



🍃We understand sustainable and ethical sourcing means different to different businesses. Hence, we have impact to wage related verified certifications of the suppliers. Please write to us, chat with us or email us at info (at) bomway (dot) co

🍃Pour your feedback and help us improve the UI/ UX, features and more 🚀

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