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" Ethical sourcing is the only way of sourcing"

How it works?

1. Do you face issues with finding

 Low MOQ

– Ethical certification of the factory or self help group micro producers, like WFTO, SEDEX, B Corp

– Authenticity of the supplier and exact origin or location and the country they operate from

– Real reviews and ratings of these medium and small factories, manufacturers and wholesalers

– Likeminded community to discuss problems with sourcing, supply chain.

2. If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you are at the right place!

– We’re building a community of  small to mid sized brands who face issues and sometimes feel stuck when it comes to launching their new lines or scouting items for a trial or experimentation 

– We also want to assist with curated list of suppliers for your needs and more

– We will keep updating the portal with recent news, and any podcasts or any relevant  youtube videos for you.

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